The History of the Immigrant-family Sonksen of Langenhorn

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On March, 2.1891 the worker Boy Sönksen, born on January, 29.1838 (birth certificate) (text) in heilige Bauerlag, parish Langenhorn with his wife Anna Christine born Hansen (birth certificate) (text) born on November, 6.1843 in Almdorf, parish Breklum, with his underage children

Nr. first name last name born on certificate
1 Maria Sönksen March 30. 1872 Urkunde
2 Jens Christian Sönksen June 26.1876 Blatt 1 Blatt2
3 Ingeburg Catharina Sönksen July 9. 1880 Blatt1 Blatt2
4 Boy Arnold Sönksen July 4. 1884 Blatt1 Blatt2

was released of the Prussian state-citizenry on his own wish because of the planned emigration to North-America. (see document), (text of document),

To handle the legal activities in Germany, he gave on February, 14. 1891 the farmer Hans Jacob Jacobsen general-authority. (see document page 1, page 2, page 3)

He sold his house in Langenhorn. Here they lived with her 6 children

With his four children, he emigrated 1891 or 1892 to America and settled in Iowa. There, his son Johann Jacob Sönksen (born Feb, 22. 1870 in Langenhorn) , who had emigrated 1887 already lived.
Another son, Ingwer Sönksen, born on May, 15. 1874 in Langenhorn, had also emigrated to Iowa - presumably 1893. Ingwer died on Oct, 7. 1898 at a railroad-accident and was buried in Manning Iowa.


This picture shows the whole family in Iowa. It was taken approximately 1895.

On the picture, a daughter, Anna Catharina Sönksen (born on the May, 24. 1868 in Langenhorn) , is missing. She had not emigrated and had married the shoemaker-master Thomas Christiansen in Bredstedt.


Boy Sönksen, who named himself in the USA Boyd Sonksen, died in the year 1906. Some of the emigrants visiteted their sister 1910 in Bredstedt.

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