The history of the emigrant-family Carstensen from Bordelum

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Between 1870 to 1875, the family Christian Martin Carstensen with his wife Catharina, nee Sönksen, of Bordelum emigrated to America . They had at the 1869 December 11. in Bordelum married ( certificate)

Catharina Sönksen already had a son Heinrich Jürgen Jacobsen in Nordfriesland, ( see birth certificate), the not with emigrated.

Christian Martin Carstensen born at the January 23. 1838 as son of Carsten Carstensen and Sophia Margareta Paulsen.

Catharina Sönksen born at the Jul 17.1842, ( see
birth certificate ), as daughter of Peter Sönksen and Emmer Brigitta born Sönke Thomsen.

Some years after the emigration, she wanted to fetch her son to join later. Heinrich Jürgen remained in Germany however and later married Maria Flebbe from Bredstedt and had 10 children.


Heinrich Jürgen Jacobsen


Maria Flebbe


Here are the family tree

Christian Martin Carstensen and Catharina lived in Ohio and had further 7 children, (Sophie, Peter, Agthea, Carsten, Theres, Chris and Amelia.

Catharina died of the April 18. 1920 in Williston,Ohio.

Information HERDER 1873
The HERDER was built by A. Stephen & Sons, Glasgow in 1873 for the Adler Line of Hamburg. She was a 3,494 gross ton vessel, length 375.1ft x beam 40ft, one funnel, two masts (rigged for sails), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 13 knots. There was accommodation for 90-1st, 100-2nd and 800-3rd class passengers. Launched on 22/10/1873, she sailed from Hamburg on her maiden voyage to New York on 8/1/1874 and on 23/3/1875 commenced her last voyage for this company from New York to Plymouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg after a total of 8 round voyages. She was then purchased, together with the rest of the Adler Line fleet, by the Hamburg America Line. On 9/6/1875 she started the Hamburg - Havre - New York service and in April 1880 was rebuilt with two funnels. She left Hamburg on her last voyage for Havre and New York on 13/9/1882 and was wrecked near Cape Race with no loss of life on 9/10/1882.

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